Garantisadong Pambata Week 2015

MyDoctorFinder October 12, 2015

82,000 children under ages 0 to 5 die each year from pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, injuries, and neonatal related causes. [1] These numbers raised an alarming warning to the government that lead to the establishment of several health-focused programs to increase people’s awareness towards the prevention of these deaths and to emphasize the sa...

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9 Warning Signs of Rabies

MyDoctorFinder October 5, 2015

Rabies is a deadly viral infection that is spread by infected animal saliva. If left untreated, it can lead to death. The key to fighting the virus is a quick response and proper knowledge. Once bitten, look out for these 9 warning signs for it may lead to a serious case of rabies. [1] Pain at the bite site Fever Headache Loss of appeti...

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10 Warning Signs that you might be having a Heart Attack

MyDoctorFinder September 28, 2015

Despite of the numerous cardiovascular diseases, heart attack remains as one of the top causes of death among Filipinos. One may notice the warning signs but will definitely disregard it. Little did we know that these warning signs may increase one’s risk of having a heart attack? Here are the 10 early warning signs that may help one to recog...

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9 signs that might lead to depression

MyDoctorFinder July 20, 2017

Depression is a major factor to one’s suicidal instincts. The symptoms of depression can contribute to one’s thought that committing suicide will be the only way of escape for the loneliness and emptiness. Anxiety Anger management issues Sudden loss of interest in favorite activities Fixation on past events Suicidal though...

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O-"best"-sity: How much is too much?

MyDoctorFinder September 14, 2015

Obesity is a complex condition of a person acquiring an excessive amount of body fat. It is a common problem in any age group male or female. [1] It is mostly caused by the over intake of calories found in fatty and sugary foods that eventually turns into fat stored in one’s body. Obesity is an increasingly common problem not just globally...

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8 Tips on How to Prevent Sore Eyes

MyDoctorFinder September 11, 2015

Sore Eyes is a preventable condition. Once you are equipped with the proper knowledge, your chances of acquiring sore eyes decreases. Here are 8 prevention tips that may help you avoid from acquiring eye redness. [1] Wash your hands all the time Avoid direct contact Minimize hand-to-eye contact Prevent reusing your handkerchief Discon...

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Epilepsy: Causes, Risks, and Symptoms

MyDoctorFinder September 7, 2015

Epilepsy is a common serious chronic brain disorder that affects 50 million people of all ages worldwide. An estimated of 750,000 Filipinos are currently affected with this condition.   A person's brain cells known as neurons conduct electrical signals that communicate with each other to deliver a message to our brain. During an atta...

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Generic Drugs versus Branded Drugs

MyDoctorFinder August 31, 2015

According to the Food and Drug Administration, a generic drug is identical to a brand name drug in dosage, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. [1] Generic brands often get a substantially cheaper price when sold in the market. Although the generic and branded drug has the same pharmacolo...

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"Eye" Love My Sight

MyDoctorFinder August 26, 2015

Our eyes serve as our windows to the world. Through these, we are able to appreciate nature and its beauty. Poor vision makes it harder for us to do our daily work like reading, driving, and more. So, it is very important for us to take care of our eyes to avoid such problem. Many eye problems and diseases can be prevented and treated if the sig...

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Tuberculosis 101

MyDoctorFinder August 17, 2015

Based on the statistics of the reported cases of tuberculosis by World Health Organization (WHO), Philippines and 21 more other countries are placed as the “high burden” countries or where TB is most prevalent. There were an estimation of 9 million new cases of TB in 2013. 430,000 out of the 9 million TB cases are currently found in the...

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