What is a Health Insurance Card?

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October 10, 2017

Getting sick is one of the most expensive costs for an ordinary Filipino. When an individual gets sick, the family usually borrows from banks, relatives, and friends to cover the bills. In the Philippines, we have PhilHealth. Although this can be helpful to majority of the population, this service can only cover a percentage of the total cost. This is where health insurance cards come in! But first, what is a health insurance card?

A health insurance card is provided by a business. It is somehow similar to an insurance. An individual has to pay a premium up front when they avail of the service. Health insurance cards are provided to help cover a fraction of a cost of the total hospital expenses.

For confinement, a person may use the health insurance card to pay for the hospital bills, but this will only be after the PhilHealth discount has been availed. If a person is not a PhilHealth member, the individual must pay for the portion that PhilHealth is supposed to cover.

Health insurance cards cover various diseases, and each disease has a maximum amount that will be covered. When choosing a health insurance partner, it is important to pick one that is convenient for you. Different health insurance cards also cover different diseases, so choose a health insurance partner that covers your needs.

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