Three Reasons Why a Freelancer and a Prepaid Health Insurance is the Perfect Match

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January 23, 2018

This is it. You have decided to take that step into freelancing.

It’s exhilarating, freeing, and fun. But it’s also difficult especially since there are just some things that freelancers d not have that regular employees can enjoy.

One of those is affordable - sometimes free - access to healthcare via a company’s health insurance.

And while you may be young and healthy, at one point, there are illnesses you cannot ignore and that would require treatment. One answer to this need?

Prepaid health insurance.

Freelancers, especially beginners, would benefit the most from prepaid health insurance. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Income is highly irregular

Especially in the beginning when you are still building your portfolio and your credibility. If you’re lucky (and forward-looking enough), you would have been able to save money to get you through a few months of almost zero income. Barring accidents and sudden illness, of course.

And it’s not just during the beginning where income is irregular. Since freelancers aren’t tied down to one client, they can get as many clients as they are able to handle, which means that they can earn more than they would had they been employed. But this also means that losing just one client can make a huge dent in their income. You should be ready for these fluctuations in income and make sure that not only do you have enough saved for emergencies, but that you don’t wipe out your savings should you fall ill.

This is why a prepaid health insurance is perfect for freelancers; it’s a one-time payment for specific coverage that is good for one-year (sometimes 6 months, depending on the plan). Purchase a prepaid health insurance in days when income is high and you don’t need to worry about monthly payments - just make sure to you can purchase a new one when it expires.

  1. Flexible time is vastly different from free time

People have this impression that freelancers have a lot of free time but all freelancers reading this beg to disagree. When you freelance, most of your time is flexible but not free - and that is hugely different.

Free time means vacation time, when you go to the beach from morning to afternoon and not worry about doing any kind of work. Flexible time, on the other hand, is going to the beach from morning to afternoon and then working 15 hours the following day to catch up on the work you should have done the day before. The downside of that? Not resting regularly, with sporadic increases in stress levels, makes you susceptible to sickness.

So while being a freelancer means that you can manage your time, it doesn’t mean that you can always avoid sickness. Better to make sure that you’re covered - even for something as simple as consultations or emergency situations. Most prepaid health insurance have coverage for these specific needs.

  1. You need to create your own benefits

Apart from steady income and paid leaves, there are also a few benefits that freelancers don’t have. A few examples are the mandatory government benefits as well as health insurance coverage. Unlike regular employees, freelancers do not have an employer to split the premiums for SSS, PhilHealth, and HDMF, or to provide them with insurance that would allow them to walk into a hospital or clinic when needed, get treatment, and walk out without shelling out money.

This is a reality that freelancers must understand and address as soon as they can. Those government mandated benefits, for example, accepts voluntary contributions that would allow freelancers to pay monthly premiums to be able to access the benefits in the future. Freelancers should also take advantage of the many health plan options available to them, to make sure that they are covered should the need arise.

Prepaid health insurance is a good solution to this. While it doesn’t cover as much as comprehensive insurance, you can pick one (or more) that you think covers the basics.

In the end, the best healthcare plan for you is one that would not only give you value for your money, but one that would leave you worry-free about your health. At least that is one uncertainty of the the freelance life that you don’t need to think about.

And because this is an important decision, Maria Health wants help you make the right choice. From hospitalization to consultation and even emergency ambulance service, Maria Health has partnered with top prepaid health insurance providers in the country to provide you with the best options. And the best part? Maria Health is always free.

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