Self-care Tips During COVID-19 Lock-down

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April 29, 2020

The uncertainty of this coronavirus situation may be causing stress, fear and anxiety for a lot of people. Although lockdowns and social distancing have been implemented to help stop the spread of the virus, these can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Which is why during these stressful times, we must prioritize self-care.

Here are a few self-care tips for your health and wellness:

  1. Sleep

Your mood and immune system are counting on it. Good-quality sleep keeps your immune system running at its best to fight off infections. In fact, there are parts of the body’s immune response that happen only during sleep. Aside from this, your brain needs sleep to be able to function. Not getting enough sleep can make you less patient and focused, more moody, irritable and emotional.

  1. Work Out

Physical activity not only keeps your body healthy (lowering your risk of chronic health issues as well as your chances of acute illness like COVID-19), it also improves your mood and general well-being. Healthy movement is also linked to a lower risk of mood disorders, higher energy levels, and improved mood overall

  1. Avoid mindless eating/snacking

Because you’re stuck at home, you’re also most probably around food a lot. It’s so easy to go to the kitchen to grab something to eat or when you feel emotionally stressed cause of the situation. It normal to engage in “comfort eating”, but try to do it mindfully. Whenever you find yourself checking out your refrigerator, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Also, try to reach for healthier options whenever you can.

  1. Use Social Media Mindfully

Social media allows you to connect with friends and family while you’re apart, but it can be bad if used excessively. It’s better to use social media for personal interaction like direct-messaging people, instead of just scrolling mindlessly. Be selective about who you follow and take time to disconnect. In moments when you feel isolated, call a friend or family member rather than just leaving them comments on Facebook.

  1. Limit News Consumption

Although it’s important to stay informed and alert on updates in your area, you don’t need to be listening to the same alerts and headlines repeatedly. Sometimes the news can be quite upsetting, so limit your news consumption to two or three sources a day. If possible, avoid checking the headlines before going to bed.