High Impact 5: Fight against HIV

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July 21, 2017

Did you know that out of the 35 million reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the world, 23,709 cases can be found in the Philippines as of February 2015? To add, 26% of it comprises Filipinos aged 15 to 24 years old. HIV cases in the Philippines has kept on increasing every year and hopefully this will end by the year 2030 through the help of the local and international partners of our country. Philippines implements evidence-based interventions and continues to rely and apply the laws of our country to guarantee the distribution of best services to people who are affected of HIV; by treating everyone fair and no one being discriminated.

A strategy was launched last 2015 called High Impact 5 strategy that primarily focuses on decreasing the HIV/Aids problem by providing different services on countries that are greatly affected with this condition. In order to yield better results, the budget for this project is doubled from 300 million pesos to 600 million pesos this 2016.

In its fight against HIV, the Philippines continues to commit to the following strategies:

  • Provide affordable and high-quality antiretroviral drug and services against HIV.
  • Educate young people of the Philippines about the disease particularly its causes and effects.
  • Maintain Fast Track Strategy of UNAIDS.
  • Reinforce the right and capacity of migrants to use different health services.
  • Continuous adoption of different approaches related to HIV programming.
  • Have reliable and accurate information about the HIV victims needed for the fast track program to eliminate the disease by the year 2030.

Lastly, they are also struggling on improving the vaccines that will be used to fight HIV. DOH Secretary Janette Garin stated, “In working together in a focused, intensive and synergistic manner, we will win this war and make the dream of a world free from HIV/AIDS a reality.”


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