Free Hepatitis B Screening and Lay Forum – World Hepatitis Day 2016

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July 25, 2016

This July 28 to 30, 2016, Center for Liver Disease Management and Transplantation (CLDMT) and the Center for Patient Partnership (CPP) will be celebrating World Hepatitis Day 2016 with the theme, “Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to YOU!”. In connection to the celebration, a lay forum together with free Hepatitis B screenings will be offered to the attendees. The forum will be held on July 30, 2016, 8:00 am, at 4th floor conference room, Podium Building, The Medical City. Coordinators will make sure that attendees are going to learn a lot of things about Hepatitis B and at the same time enjoy the event.

For the readers who are not aware of Hepatitis B, here’s a brief description about this condition. Hepatitis B is a virus that mainly attacks the liver that can be transmitted through contact with blood and other body fluids from the infected person to the uninfected one. This type of illness can either be acute or long-term. However, this disease can be prevented through vaccination.

Everyone is invited to this educational forum and beneficial screening. This forum is absolutely free, however pre-registration is strongly encouraged. In the said forum, 200 Hepatitis B screening kits will be given out to childbearing age and pregnant women. So, make sure you are registered!

For registration and inquiries, you may contact the following:

Contact number: 988 – 7000/988 - 1000 loc. 6444 (Center for Patient Partnership office)

Office Address: Ground Floor, Podium Building

E-mail Address: