Four Reasons to Get a Prepaid Health Card

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February 06, 2018

Until recently, health insurance is deemed expensive and quite inaccessible. For most people, they only have health insurance because the company where they work at offered it to them as a benefit. Case in point, only four percent of the Philippines population have healthcare insurance.

But as healthcare needs change, so did the healthcare industry including the health insurance industry. Healthcare insurance providers now offer a more affordable option to the traditional comprehensive health insurance - prepaid health cards that cover specific aspect of healthcare services.

While a prepaid health card’s benefits is significantly less than a comprehensive insurance, there are still good reasons for you to get them. Here are four:

  1. You’re a freelancer

If you’re a freelancer, you don’t always have regular income and you don’t have an employer to offer you free health insurance. But you can still get sick, and there is always the possibility of accidents. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to treatment when you’re sick. It’s easy to get a prepaid health card that has specific coverage.

If you’re not the type who always gets sick, you can avail of a prepaid health card that covers emergency room treatment. Or you can amp up your illness prevention by getting one that covers unlimited consultations with an annual physical examination.

  1. You have dependents without health insurance coverage

While there are some companies that give you the option to add your dependents into you health insurance coverage, that is not always the case. Small businesses, especially, cannot always afford to extend healthcare benefits to their employees’ relatives. But since dependents are usually either kids or elderly parents, they are the ones who are more likely to fall ill or have accidents.

The good thing about getting a prepaid health card for your dependents is that there are plans specific to the needs of children and seniors. Some prepaid health cards for children cover consultation and treatment of illnesses that children usually get, while plans for seniors cover consultations and treatments for geriatric care.

  1. You want to secure the health of your helpers

They make sure that you come home to a clean and orderly home, make sure you and your family are fed, and they make sure that you actually get to rest on your rest day instead of running around doing errands. Yes, our helpers are indeed lifesavers and deserve not to worry about their health. And besides, when they get sick, you worry about them too.

A prepaid health card that provides specific coverage at an affordable rate is the perfect solution for this - both giving you the peace of mind and allowing you to show your appreciation for them.

  1. You want give your project employees benefits

While a comprehensive health insurance coverage is a a standard for most companies, they usually just apply to regular employees. But because of the many different changes in the business and work landscape, the employees taken in on project basis are increasing. Usually, the only competitive advantage a company has is the salary. Providing health insurance gives them an edge over other companies.

Giving project employees health insurance coverage in the form of prepaid health cards is an affordable and actionable way to improve employee retention. Especially in the Philippines, where project employees don’t get to enjoy the benefit of healthcare security, being provided with a free prepaid health card is an easy way to show them their importance to the company.

In the end, the best healthcare plan is one that would not only give you value for your money, but one that would leave you worry-free about your health. At least that is one uncertainty that you don’t need to worry about.

And because this is an important decision, Maria Health wants help you make the right choice. From hospitalization to consultation and even emergency ambulance service, Maria Health has partnered with top prepaid health insurance providers in the country to provide you with the best options. And the best part? Maria Health is always free.

Visit Maria Health at today and get simple, easy access to the healthcare plan that fits you.

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