Five Effective Ways to Eliminate Stress

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July 24, 2017

Stress is definitely unavoidable. We experience stress on a daily basis. Unfortunately, continuous events of stress are not good for our heart and body. Stress makes our heart rate and blood pressure rise. Also, stress increases one’s risks of diabetes and weakens one’s immune system.

There are two types of stress; stress that will keep you going and stress that will make you grumpy throughout the day. As what was stated above, we cannot avoid stress. However, we can lessen it with several techniques.

  1. Make your own stress diary
  • Writing in a small notebook will eventually help us to think solutions on how we will cope up with stressful situations. In this way, we are becoming more aware and prepared.
  1. Have an easy-to-carry hobby
  • Make yourself busy. Try reading a book or play games like sudoku or puzzles. You can also carry a fidget spinner or stress ball in your bag! So that whenever you feel stress, you can easily get it.
  1. Listen to music
  • Try listening to a song that is very calming or happy. With this, it can help you loosen up and eventually be stress-free.
  1. Grab your running shoes and use it
  • Exercising is an alternative way to eliminate stress. Any physical activity between 10 to 30 minutes could help get relief from heightened stress response. So, grab that running shoes and go for a run or walk to refresh your mind.
  1. Do meditation
  • There are different ways to meditate and it is up to us to find which will work for us. It is recommended to focus on something then de-focus on everything.

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