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August 26, 2015

Our eyes serve as our windows to the world. Through these, we are able to appreciate nature and its beauty. Poor vision makes it harder for us to do our daily work like reading, driving, and more. So, it is very important for us to take care of our eyes to avoid such problem.

Many eye problems and diseases can be prevented and treated if the signs are caught early. It is recommended to get a comprehensive dilated eye exam regularly. The eye exam must be performed by a certified ophthalmologist to ensure one’s safety. Getting the exam is the best way to measure one’s eye sight capability. Through the test, one may find out if s/he needs eye glasses or contact lenses. Also, the person may be treated early if s/he has the early stage of a treatable eye disease. [1]

If a person is new to this type of eye exam, it is recommended that one should schedule at least one every month. It is highly encouraged to take care of your eyes to ensure that one can see well throughout their lives. Here are the following tips that can help you protect your vision: [2]

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Taking care of your eyes may benefit your entire well-being. Starting from your outer look down to your inner health. Based from a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is proven that people without vision problems are at a lower risk to acquire diabetes, poor hearing, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, and other conditions. The study also showed that people ages 65 and older with eye problems admitted that their overall health can be measured on the range of fair to poor health. [3]

It is true that following the healthy tips shown in the image above doesn’t guarantee one to have a perfect vision. But with the right balance of a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular eye check-ups with an eye care professional may prevent one from suffering from a difficult scenario specifically developing a sight-stealing eye problem. Schedule your regular eye check-up through MyDoctorFinder’s list of ophthalmologists!

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