8 Tips on How to Prevent Sore Eyes

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September 11, 2015

Sore Eyes is a preventable condition. Once you are equipped with the proper knowledge, your chances of acquiring sore eyes decreases. Here are 8 prevention tips that may help you avoid from acquiring eye redness. [1]

  • Wash your hands all the time
  • Avoid direct contact
  • Minimize hand-to-eye contact
  • Prevent reusing your handkerchief
  • Discontinue use of old eye products
  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Drink lots of water preferably 8 glasses a day
  • Get plenty of sleep

With the unusual change on the weather in the Philippines, common and recurring ailments such as sore eyes has been circulating and a lot of people are being affected with this condition. It is indeed the season where sore eyes is prevalent and people are at higher risk of being affected by this disease. According to the Department of Health (DOH), conjunctivitis/pink eye or also known as sore eyes is the redness and inflammation of the membranes covering the whites of the eyes and the inner parts of the eyelids. It is usually caused by a highly contagious virus called adenovirus. [2]

Sometimes, it is not the highly contagious virus that causes one’s sore eyes. It may be caused by a variety of things. In most cases, staring at a computer screen for too long may cause tiredness and soreness that may eventually lead to sore eyes. Also, if a person is deprived of sleep, excessive rubbing of the eyes, too much exposure on the sun and airborne irritants can definitely contribute to one acquiring sore eyes. [3]


But, once the symptoms appear one by one, early medical attention should be the first thing that pops into your mind. You may contact an eye doctor for an eye exam immediately. Once a diagnosis has been made, the ophthalmologist can provide you a treatment plan that may include anti-inflammatory, antibiotic eye drops or ointments that may ease your sore eyes condition. Here’s a list of the following ophthalmologists that may be located wherever your location is:

Always remember that prevention is always better than cure. [4]

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