7 Tips for a Healthy Summer

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March 20, 2017

As summer approaches, you should give more attention in taking care of your skin against the summer heat. Listed below are tips and tricks on how to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

  1. Wear sunscreen
  • Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and prevents you from getting a sunburn. Take note that a higher SPF does not mean it will provide you a higher protection. It is recommended to choose one with a light weight formula.
  1. Moisturize and hydrate your body
  • Drinking water will definitely prevent your skin from drying. Also, don’t skip putting on your moisturizer, even if your face does not feel dry. When your skin is hydrated, it will lessen the possible discomfort of a potential sunburn.
  1. Protect your lips
  • The delicate and sensitive tissue of our lips can easily be damaged by harmful UVA and UVB rays causing it to dry. Pick a lip balm with an SPF component in it.
  1. Don’t forget your scalp
  • Your hair can provide shade for your scalp, but not enough protection. Pick a sunscreen spray and spritz on your hairline. Spray is ideal for this, as it is easier for your scalp to absorb fluid formula.
  1. Eat healthy
  • Cantaloupe and watermelon are some of the fruits you can munch on during the summer. They are good in keeping you hydrated. In addition, invest on meals rich in vitamins C and E for it can limit the possibility of having a sunburn.
  1. Wide brim hat
  • Wear a wide brim hat for full sun protection. It will cover a lot better and will give you protection from any angle.
  1. Exfoliate your skin
  • Scrape those dead skin cells to renew your skin. When you exfoliate, your cells regenerate faster and reveal healthier and radiant-looking skin. Choose a gentle and natural exfoliator.

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