7 Healthy Habits for the Rainy Season

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July 20, 2017

Being healthy requires different healthy habits which include proper diet and active lifestyle.  But, how can a person stay healthy during the monsoon season? The rainy season in the Philippines usually occurs in the months of June to August. The rainy season has its perks like the chilly weather, wearing hoodies, staying at home, and enjoying a cup of hot coffee. But along with the cold weather, a person’s risk of accumulating different respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs, pneumonia, and flu heightens.

Luckily, there are ways on how to stay top on your health and nutrition. Here are 7 healthy habits that one can follow during this cold and wet season:

  1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Water is considered as the healthiest drink a human can consume. Drinking water has its set of health benefits. Drinking water regularly can help decrease the chances of a person getting sick. It also cleanses and eliminates bad toxins and chemicals found in the body. A body well-equipped with water can resist and lessen the risks of having flu like symptoms. In addition, drinking water can help moisturize the skin for the monsoon season can cause skin dehydration.
  1. Eat a healthy meal
  • Always equip your meals with fruits and vegetables and practice proper diet. A proper diet often includes a combination of the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins. Avoid eating street foods during the monsoon season not only it can be found on the streets, but also for germs and bacteria are prevalent during this type of weather. Cooking food in the open air are likely to come contact with several waterborne and airborne diseases.
  1. Wear water-resistant gears and comfortable clothes
  • Cover yourself up with some protection with the combination of comfortable yet water-resistant clothes. Wear a rain coat if you don’t want to bring an umbrella. Also make sure to wear rain boots especially to places where floods often take place. Remember to invest with cotton and loose clothes during this season to prevent getting fungal infection when your clothes get wet by the rain water.
  1. Wash hands regularly
  • A major source of accumulating different diseases is with dirty hands. There’s a huge possibility that a person will get sick just by touching their eyes or eating bare handed with dirty, unclean hands. The rainy water causes outdoor things to get rusty, which becomes the breeding ground of bacteria. Wash your hands with soap and warm water as frequently as you can. If your outdoors, you may bring a handy sanitizer or hand alcohol that you may use to clean your hands.
  1. Load up with your daily vitamins
  • Build up the body’s resistance by giving your children their daily dose of vitamin C and E pills or you may also invest on foods rich with these vitamins. Vitamins C and E will help boost and strengthen you and your child’s immune system. Giving you a protection stronger than wearing water-resistant clothes. Also, taking your daily dose of vitamins may reduce the risk of you experiencing flu like symptoms such as colds, coughs, and headache.
  1. Drink herbal tea
  • Drinking tea is a protocol in the monsoon season for tea has nutrients that can strengthen and boost a person’s immune system. Drinking tea does not only help in stabilizing one’s body temperature, but also distributes the right amount of nutrients in the body that leads to several health benefits.
  1. Buy a eucalyptus oil
  • Eucalyptus oil has properties that helps our body to be calm and provides a soothing effect for our nerves.  This substance can be your best friend during the rainy season when your nose gets clogged from colds, coughs and flu like symptoms. [4] Eucalyptus oil can also help the body relax every time it gets maxed out when it comes to commuting during the rainy weather.  

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to be healthy this rainy season? Share your answers below!

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