7 Health Benefits of Red Wine

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July 20, 2017

As the holidays approach, red wine must be present. Did you know that drinking red wine has its own benefits? Check out these 7 reasons why including red wine in your festivities is a good call.

  1. Lowers your cholesterol level
  2. Protects your heart – The antioxidants in red wine help keep blood vessels flexible and reduce the risk of unwanted clotting.
  3. Controls blood sugar – The skin of red grapes will help diabetics regulate their blood sugar.
  4. Increases one’s brain activity – Drinking red wine (with its resveratrol ingredient) will help keep your memory sharp.
  5. Fight off colds – The antioxidants present in red wine may help keep you healthy and fight off common diseases such as a common cold.
  6. Stops cancer – The resveratrol you get from drinking one glass of red wine three or four times a week may be enough to starve any developing cancer cells.
  7. Helps you lose weight – Researchers say that piceatannol binds to the insulin receptors of fat cells, essentially blocking the pathways necessary for immature fat cells to mature and grow.

So, don’t forget to include red wine in your holiday preparation!

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