5 Basic First Aid Tips for Rabies

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July 21, 2017

Philippines is a country where you will see all breeds of dogs. Thus, many Filipinos already inhabited to have a pet at home because we treat them as a family member already. A lot of people treat them as a toy or a stress-reliever because of how cute they are and how lovely they act around their owners. But who can really resist the cuteness of these little pets?

One thing is for sure, even though they are cute and adorable, they do carry a virus that is very harmful for us humans and also to other animals like them. These little pets are carrying a deadly virus which is called rabies. Rabies cases are very rampant here in our country and its rate every year is increasing and increasing which is very alarming. However, if a worst case scenario happened, and you're bitten or scratched by your pet, what can you really do as a first aid or to cure the wound?

Here are tips for first aid of Rabies:         

  • Stop the bleeding by applying pressure for several minutes.
  • Wash the wound immediately with soap and running water.
  • Consult immediately even while observing the dog.
  • Observe the dog for 14 days and consult your physician if any of the following occurs:

− Dog becomes wild and runs aimlessly.

− Dog drools (saliva).

− Dog bites any moving or non-moving object.

− Dog does not eat or drink.

− Dog dies within observation period.

  • If the dog cannot be observed (stray dog), or if suspected to be rabid, consult your physician immediately or go to the nearest Animal Bite Treatment Center in your area.

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