4 Uses of Activated Charcoal

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July 21, 2017

It turns out black is the new black. We’ve seen ice creams, frozen yogurts, and other food having activated charcoal. Even charcoal-flavored toothpaste and soaps are on the hype. Why? It is because activated charcoal has long been used in acute situations for pulling toxins out of the human body. It pulls other substances into itself like a magnet and carries them out of the body which is what we call adsorbing. When applied topically, it adsorbs toxins and impurities which purifies it in a natural way without chemicals.

Here are some traditional uses of activated charcoal.

  1. Relieve bloating and gas discomfort
  • Taking activated charcoal in pill, liquid or powder form (mixed into non-acidic juice) can help straighten out your stomach discomfort.
  1. Removing stains from your teeth
  • Mixing activated charcoal powder to water or a natural toothpaste of your choice can remove plaque, whitening teeth in the process.
  1. Deep cleaning and purifying skin and hair
  • Activated charcoal can pull unwanted dirt and excessive oils out of you pores and skin, leaving it cleaner and smoother. It can also remove surface dirt more than regular shampoos. It is also a remedy for scalp conditions such as dandruff, redness, and oily scalps.
  1. General detox
  • As it has adsorbing compositions, activated charcoal juices can be consumed as an occasional detox or pick-me-up, but drinking them daily is not advised.

Although consuming and using activated charcoal have many benefits, and may seem like a wonder drug, it is not. You must first know the risks and cautions of anything you are using and consuming.

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