4 Causes of Bloating

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May 14, 2017

Excessive gas and other digestive disorders lead to a bloated stomach. When you experience bloating, people usually assume that you’re either gaining weight or pregnant. You might wonder what could be the causes of bloating. Listed below are the common reasons why.

  1. Improper eating
  • Sodas, fatty food, low-calorie, and packaged products can cause bloating. It should be avoided as much as possible. Replace processed foods with vegetables and fruits for a healthy option. Also, chewing a gum and drinking in a straw causes bloating for these acts can put more air to the stomach.
  1. Constipation
  • Eating oily and spicy food can harden your stool causing difficulty in your bowel movement. When that happens, the food that should go to waste gets piled up expanding your stomach more than usual. In order to prevent constipation, practice drinking plenty of water and eating food rich in fiber.
  1. Hormonal related
  • Menstruation can cause bloating too! Particularly for those who are experiencing menstrual cramps or an irregular cycle. Before your period starts, the estrogen level arises while the uterine lining thickens and then bloating becomes resilient as the fluids and blood build up. But do take note that once the blood continues to flow, bloating will eventually goes away.
  1. Malignant disease
  • If you feel any type of pain, it’s time to go and see your doctor. As the constipation could be because of colon cancer or uterine infection.

Remember to love your body and eat healthy to prevent all sorts of diseases.

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