3 Simple Moves to Try this Post-Holiday Season

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December 18, 2016

This holiday season with all it glorious festivities, people want to lose weight despite of attending several celebrations. This is definitely possible, but having a spare time is kind of hard to find. Worry no more, this list would help you squeeze in some stretching and flexes you need to do when you’re busy.

  • Flex a little more – When you walk around or enter a door, flex your abs.  When you’re driving for your last minute Christmas shopping, flex out your butt every time you make a turn.
  • Dance your heart out – Some of us are shy to dance especially when there are people watching, so take the chance to dance and play your favorite song during your get together!
  • Phone for the bones – We get to talk to someone over the phone almost every holiday season. So when you’re on the phone, try doing some squats, short walk to the other end of the room or do some lunges. I guess you can’t wait to answer that call!

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you which exercise you needed to do, so do all the tasks you are asked to do and squeeze in some stretching and flexes in between to keep your blood flowing and your body fit. There’s this saying that if you want it, go find a way. If you don’t, then there are a lot of reasons not do such thing.

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