20 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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July 21, 2017

Drinking tea is a part of someone’s daily routine and there are a lot of reasons why people drink such flavored tea. The flavors of tea vary from country to country, but as time goes, a specific tea also reaches the other side of the world.

Green tea is only one of the how many flavors available around the world and it’s enjoyed most by the Asian countries specifically China and Japan. In this post, it will showcase the surprising benefits a person can get from drinking green tea.

  1. Aid the prevention of cancer – From liver, lungs, colon, breast, stomach and pancreas – cancer is cancer, but did you know that study shows that drinking green tea helps in lowering the risk of having the different types of cancer enumerated. According on the study in Japan, it was proven that when women drink 10 cups of green tea a day, it will reduce the chance of being prone to cancer.
  2. Better brain memory – Each tea have a specific vitamin that helps in anything regarding the body, but green tea contains I-theanine which is an amino acid that has psychoactive properties meaning it can and will have an impact on the brain. Furthermore, the said impact on the brain is actually to decrease the risk of having acquiring dementia and protection against the harmful effects of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases.
  3. Deals with Diabetes – Diabetes is associated with having too much sugar in the system and green tea also has this component that helps to naturally increase metabolism. In short, the said component would help those with type 2 diabetes to potentially metabolize sugar better. The polyphenols which is a type of an antioxidant and helps to control glucose and increase insulin sensitivity, which in return aids to prevent the type 2 Diabetes.
  4. Well-improved cardiovascular health – From doing sets of different work out and eating the right food, sometimes doing both of those things aren’t enough. Green tea has this component which is good for the most important organ of our body, the heart. Drinking green tea claims to help in maintaining the well-being of the heart. Based on the study made by the American Heart Association (AHA) announced that people who tend to drink green tea daily would most likely have 20% to 30% lower risk of stroke than those who doesn’t drink regularly.
  5. Helps to manage depression, stress and anxiety – From hearing the news about the problems of the world to finding which one to wear, our problems make us all so stressful no matter how little or big it is. Like what I just mentioned earlier, green tea have this component I-theamine that also acts as an anti-depressant that can help to fight the symptoms of depression. Proven by a study, green tea is also associated with a lower level of psychological stress.
  6. Manages to stay fit – Green tea is perfect for those who also wants to stay fit and burn those body fats easily. Catechins is actually one of the components that makes the green tea and it helps reduce the body fat, cholesterol level and blood pressure. In addition, drinking green tea has been shown to enhance abdominal fat loss that leads to weight loss when done with proper exercise.
  7. Strengthens endurance and boost energy – There are different energy drinks or just regular flavored drinks that are mostly composed with sugar and it may boost your energy, but natural and organic drinks like green tea is way better. The Catechins and caffeine will give you an instant pick-me-up, improve endurance capacity and help prevent fatigue.
  8. Reduce the cholesterol level – People suffering from high cholesterol are having a hard time to have it under control, but drinking green tea have this impact on your cholesterol level once consumed. The said impact will only effect on by lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) while there will be no impact on the HDL levels (the good kind).
  9. Lower the blood pressure – Combined with a proper exercise and eating the right amount of food, green tea also helps in lowering the blood pressure. It’s suggested to be consumed four times a day, but see for yourself or consult your doctor for better consumption.
  10. Good oral hygiene – From lowering and burning all those unnecessary components that have been stuck on our body, drinking green tea also helps in maintaining good oral hygiene. The ability of green tea reduces inflammation and fights bacteria. It was also proven to help prevent dental cavities and gum disease. Plus, green tea also helps eliminate the bad breath and a much healthier alternative than a chewing gum or candies.
  11. Better immune system – The ECGC component that can also be found in a green tea plays an important role in supporting the immune system and can also help to suppress autoimmune diseases which can range or vary from simple allergies to multiple sclerosis.
  12. Improve eyesight – Being exposed to UV rays daily can also have an effect to our eyesight especially when a person doesn’t wear glasses to protect their eyes. But worry no more; green tea also helps, thanks to Catechins once again. Green tea has a capability of penetrating the eye tissue; the said antioxidants are thought to help the retina which is the light sensing tissue at the back of our eyes.
  13. Manage arthritis – The anti-inflammatory qualities of green tea can help people suffering from arthritis to relief the pain they are feeling. Plus, they get to enjoy the boost they get from drinking green tea.
  14. Maintain bone health – A research showed a correlation between the increase in the consumption of green tea with the decrease in fractures as well as the prevention of age-related bone loss.
  15. Glowing skin and healthy hair – All thanks to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea may well contribute to the youthful skin you've been dreaming of. Drinking green tea has several benefits including your hair and skin. The antioxidants are mostly known as fighting the signs of aging, and a study proved that green tea is able to help delay the said effect. Green tea also protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.
  16. Longer life – Since green tea drinkers are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, they probably live longer than the non-drinkers. Of course, drinking green tea should also be done by having proper exercise and eating the right food.
  17. Improves liver function – Perfect for those worried about the liver diseases or fats around their liver, green tea also interferes with fat absorption, improves liver function and enhances the rate at which fat is used for energy by the liver.
  18. Prevents from having a Flu – Several studies show that green tea has antiviral properties and it can help prevent catching a flu. On a Japanese study, a student who drank tea for six days a week less likely won't catch a flu.
  19. Combats hair loss and dandruff – Green tea is known to lower hair fall because of the EGCG, which in an antioxidant present in the said tea. It also reduces dandruff by soothing the skin and reduces the inflammation.
  20. Heals stomach bloating – A cup of green tea actually helps to treat several digestive ailments. Polyphenols neutralizes the gas in the digestive system and helps reduce bloating. A cold cup of green tea could also help get rid of stomach ulcers.

Drinking green tea on a daily basis might just give you the benefits you needed- from feeing healthy, boosting your energy and looking great, you definitely got the best of both worlds!