16 Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning

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June 27, 2016

Food poisoning has been undeniably the most prevalent health issue in the Philippines. There are many reasons why food poisoning can occur to one’s family. It might be because of lack of basic hygiene or lack of care in organizing food and non-food products at home.

According to Time, 351,000 people die of food poisoning (around the world) every year. [1] This 2016, there has been a series of reports on food poisoning in the Philippines. From the 58 people who fell ill from eating at a food party in Bohol last January, to the 33 people who got hospitalized after eating fruit salad at a fiesta in Cebu. [2] Follow the tips stated below so that one may prevent food poisoning.

  1. Medicine
  • Avoid abusing or misusing prescribed medicines.
  • Take medicines in their prescribed amount. Never take larger or more frequent dose in hopes of getting faster or more powerful effects.
  • Do not sell your prescribed medicine to others, especially if they don’t have a doctor’s prescription.
  • Always follow the directions written on the label, look for warnings because some medicine cannot be taken with other kinds of medicine.
  • Make sure medicines are in child-resistant containers and are out of children’s reach.
  1. Food
  • Avoid storing food and non-food (especially chemicals) together.
  • Make sure that meat, dairy and eggs are cooked or pasteurized thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating street food, raw meats and eggs.
  • Throw expired or spoiled food properly.
  • Wash raw vegetables and fruits properly.
  • Always refrigerate food.
  • Wash hands before and after eating or handling food.
  1.  Household Materials
  • Safely discard all household products that aren’t in use, throw them in a sealed outdoor trashcan.
  • Store household products away from food and child-proof it.
  • Wash hands properly after using household products and avoid preparing or touching food before washing
  • Never mix chemicals together, this can cause toxic gasses.

Always remember to be aware of the things especially chemicals, in your house. Also, always exercise caution in taking medicines, using household chemicals and preparing food at home.



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