11 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

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February 01, 2016

Even if diseases on the cardiovascular system topped the data of the Philippine Health Statistics of the Department of Health, that doesn’t mean that this deadly condition cannot be prevented. With the proper knowledge and a healthy lifestyle, anything is possible and this condition is can be defeated. Julie Relevant, a health journalist and consultant of Fox News, has released 11 surprising ways on how a person can totally prevent a heart attack.

  1. Invest on probiotics. When the bacteria living inside one’s body is imbalanced, problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) appear. And these problems may lead to a heart attack. To prevent this, one must take probiotics daily and maintain a healthy diet for these small changes can help strengthen one’s immunity and digestion that will reduce one’s risk of acquiring IBS and IBD, and eventually prevent one’s jeopardy of having a heart attack.

  2. Consult your sleep apnea. If your partner or someone from your family complains about your abnormal snoring, you might have an obstructive sleep apnea. This may significantly increase one’s high blood pressure and may eventually lead to one’s risk of having a heart attack. If you think that you might have a sleep apnea, seek immediate medical assistance and discuss your treatment options.

  3. Schedule a dental appointment. Having your dental appointment every six months will not only prevent you from having periodontal or gum disease, but also can lessen one’s risk of having a heart disease. Ask your doctor for an oral DNA test to know what type of bacteria you have. Also, ask the doctor to customize a treatment plan for you.

  4. Know more about your cholesterol tests. A standard lipid panel is not enough to know if you are a candidate of having a heart disease. You must also ask your doctor to look at your LDL particle count and apolipoprotein B (apoB).

  5. Lose belly fat. Excess belly fat can increase one’s risk of acquiring a heart disease which can lead to your sudden death.

  6. Examine your homocysteine level. Deficiency in vitamins B6, B12, or folic acid can lead to high levels of homocysteine, which can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

  7. Add flavors to your meal. Eating a spicy meal once a week can reduce one’s risk from dying of heart disease. Experiment with your different spices to add flavors on your meals.

  8. Be positive. There was a study conducted by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign which proved that people who look at a brighter note have better cardiovascular health than those who don’t.

  9. Seek medical assistance for your depression. Studies show that anxiety and depression both contribute to one’s risk of having a cardiovascular disease. If you struggle with both, you better talk to a specialist to prevent further damage.

  10. Exercise. Studies show that constant sitting can lead to coronary artery calcification and damage to the arteries. So, take breaks if possible.

  11. Get sleep. Sleeping seven hours daily can lower one’s adrenaline and cortisol level which can decrease one’s heart disease risk.

Despite of the numerous cardiovascular diseases, heart attack remains as one of the top causes of death among Filipinos. One may notice the warning signs but will definitely disregard it. Check this blog to know the early warning signs of a heart attack.

If you're at risk of acquiring any cardiovascular diseases, one may seek medical attention through a cardiologist. The alarming rise of the number of deaths proves that a lot of people must be equipped with the basic knowledge on the proper diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of such. Remember that early diagnosis and treatment will save lives while a delay in reaching medical assistance can be fatal.

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