PNP launches 911 and 8888 hotlines

MyDoctorFinder August 7, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte aims to fight one of the leading problems of our country namely crime and drugs. This objective resulted to the implementation of Davao’s emergency hotline 911 to be launched nationwide. This emergency hotline will be active and open 24 hours to receive reports and complaints of the Filipinos.

Aside from 911, 8888 was also launched wherein its sole focus is on receiving public complaints specifically on government services. According to PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, calls from the 911 hotline will be received by policemen for immediate assistance especially for emergency problems.

On its first day, the hotline were flooded by several prank and drop callers. In order to avoid such, President Duterte made a public announcement to stop prank and drop calling because it only clogs up the system and avoid receiving calls from other people who needs quick assistance. In addition, he warned these callers that they will be tracked and their lines shall be cut off if they continue doing it. Tracked callers will receive certain sanctions from the Department of Justice.

The hotline is absolutely free of charge for landline users. However, certain rates will be applied for mobile users. Regular rates are applied to calls made to 8888 while callers to 911 will be asked for an additional P5.50 aside from the regular rate. There are a lot of people questioning the additional rate for 911 specifically its purpose since it is free of charge for landline users. The people behind it made it clear that the 20% additional charge for 911 is for the telecommunication companies while the 80% will be funded to the Foundation for Crime Prevention and for the computes and maintenance of their systems.


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