9 Types of Food for Healthy Teeth

MyDoctorFinder February 21, 2017

Most of us already know the basics on taking care of our teeth such as brushing, flossing and other oral health practices. But, did you know that you can also achieve optimum oral health by eating the right food for your teeth?  Here are 9 types of food that is good for your teeth.

  1. Milk
  • Provides calcium and phosphates along with Vitamin D to strengthen your teeth
  • Repairs tooth enamel
  1. Cheese
  • Chewing cheese stimulates saliva flow and it buffers the acids formed in plaque
  • It also contains calcium and phosphates that strengthens teeth
  • If you are prone to cavities, eat a small piece of cheese after a meal to prevent decay
  1. Apple
  • Increases saliva in the mouth
  • Prevents cavity build up by scrubbing your teeth’s surface
  1. Oranges
  • Rich source of calcium, vitamin C & D that are good for your teeth health
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and prevents tooth decay
  1. Yogurt
  • Non-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein
  1. Nuts
  • Peanuts – contains calcium and vitamin D to strengthen teeth
  • Almonds – high levels of calcium
  • Cashews – helps stimulates saliva
  • Walnuts – contains fiber, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, niacin, vitamin E & B6, potassium and zinc that is all good for your teeth
  1. Tea (green and black tea)
  • It contains polyphenols that fights bacteria that causes plaque
  1. Dark chocolate
  • Contains Cocoa, which contains tannin which helps prevent tooth erosion and decay
  • Reduces plaque
  • Promotes blood circulation in the gums
  1. Sugarless gums
  • Stimulate the production of saliva which cleanses your mouth from acids produced by bacteria in your mouth

So bite your way to a stronger teeth and a beautiful smile!

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