10 Reasons Why Eating Sushi is Healthy

MyDoctorFinder July 20, 2017

10 reasons eating sushi is healthy

Sushi is in fact a food that originated from the land of the rising sun, Japan. Sushi became known all over the world because of its unique taste and ingredient varieties, all thanks to production and globalization. A typical sushi composed of rice, seafood, vegetables or some tropical fruits, depending on what type of sushi it is.

Below is a list of information whether if sushi is healthy or not.

  1. Rice ingredient – Most of us prefer eating rice over anything else, especially the Asians. Rice is in fact an excellent source of carbohydrates and protein. It's also gluten-free which is perfect for anyone with celiac disease.
  2. Contains Iodine – One type of sushi is the so-called seaweed sushi which contains iodine that is best for increasing testosterone level.
  3. High in omega-3 fatty acids – Some varieties of sushi is actually high in omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting alertness and circulation.
  4. Healthy fish – The fish included on most sushi are also healthy. Fish are high in protein, essential amino acid content and vitamin B12. It also includes vitamin D, which is great for the absorption of calcium.
  5. Iron – Seafood is also one of the highest food that contains iron, which in fact is crucial for healthier blood cells.
  6. Low Calories – White fish specifically like salmon, tuna, eel and mackerel are all low in calories, which is perfect for people who are health conscious.
  7. Metabolic boost – One of sushi's ingredients is fish. Fish contains a high-quality protein that is in fact low in calories and fat. Protein can significantly boost our body's ability to function properly, create new cells, metabolize energy and keep us healthy.
  8. Circulation – The high-levels of iron found in fish and soy sauce means that the RBC or red blood cells can increase or boost coming from this Japanese food. Iron is correlated to the production of RBC's because it increases the circulation to our body, stimulates hair growth, and improves skin color and speeds healing of the tissues and cells.
  9. Vegetables and condiments – Boosting the intake of nutrients, look for a variety that contains vegetables and seafood. Sushi that includes avocado is actually a source of healthy fat.
  10. Fight colds and flu – Like rice vinegar, ginger is also an effective natural antiseptic. It helps in digestion as well as boosting the immune system and helping fight colds and flu.

These are the reasons why a Japanese cuisine like Sushi is healthy. It doesn’t mean that it has a lot of benefits; you should consume a lot of it. It’s better to have limitations because too much of anything isn’t always good.