Stages of HIV/AIDS

MyDoctorFinder May 20, 2015

Stage 1: Primary Infection This stage is most commonly accompanied by flu-like symptoms. Such symptoms are high fever, headache, nausea, fatigue, and runny nose. Stage 2: Asymptomatic Illness This stage is like a bomb hiding from you. You will remain well for a couple of years. Most likely, you will be free from major symptoms and live a l...

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Statistics of Reported HIV/AIDS Cases in the Philippines

MyDoctorFinder May 18, 2015

MyDoctorFinder wants to raise awareness regarding the statistics of the reported HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines. Did you know that out of the 35 million reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the world, 16, 964 cases can be found in the Philippines. Out of the 16, 964 cases, 89% (15, 094) of it consists of men while 11% (1, 870) consists of women. ...

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Stress Warning Signs and Symptoms You Need to Watch Out

MyDoctorFinder May 14, 2016

Certain situations in life can cause you to feel anxious and eventually can lead to stress. That’s why MyDoctorFinder is reminding you to watch out for these Stress Warning Signs! In fact, it is important to identify these warning signs in order to struggle better against its. Stress can lead to serious health problems as heart disease, hai...

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How to Understand and Read the Nutrition Facts Label?

MyDoctorFinder May 12, 2015

A lot of people don’t know how to read the nutrition facts label. However, it is really important to know what you are going to eat and to watch the calories and the nutrients that you swallow everyday. Here are some information about how to properly understand and read the nutritional facts behind every food you eat. The serving si...

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Pregnancy Symptoms : Early Signs you Need to Know

MyDoctorFinder May 11, 2015

We celebrate Safety Motherhood Week this May 10 to 14 with MyDoctorFinder! To all the future mothers, better watch for the early signs of Pregnancy. If you notice some symptoms as : Spotting and cramping, breast changes, Fatigue, Morning sickness, Missed Period, Frequent Urination, constipation, Mood Swings, Back pain, Dizziness, take the time ...

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The Current Status of PH Healthcare Industry

MyDoctorFinder September 22, 2016

Violence can result in physical, mental, sexual, reproductive health, and other health problems. The warning signs of violence against women may go unnoticed not just to the victim, but also to the victim's family and friends. Familiarize oneself with the following warning signs for it may help or even save a life of an abused woman. [1] ...

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